Production of the diamond tool
and equipment

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Company Keos Co ltd. conducts its work in 1992. From the time when the South Korean economy again began to develop, increasing investment in industry, engineering and shipbuilding.


The company’s mission KEOS — to provide the highest quality professional tool for the construction industry. Constantly develop new and effective solutions for professionals in the construction, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy.


From 1992 to 2000 invested more than USD 1.5 million in the development of equipment and production lines. It is possible to increase the production of 6 times and improve the quality of manufactured products to European standards.
Head office and factory of the company are close to the main port of the country, Busan (Busan, 부산, the official site of the city >>>) — the largest sea port in South Korea (Republic of Korea Marine capital).
This determined the activity of the company. First 90s KEOS plant produces various tools for construction and shipbuilding, exporting its products to many countries (USA, Germany, Italy, Russia and many others)
In connection with the development of the construction sector in South Korea, the company Keos Co ltd in 2001 chose their major areas of diamond tools and equipment. Since 2001 the plant four times completely retooled their production lines.

P1020431 P1020432 P1020445 P1020371

In 2001 launched the first production line of small generators and construction equipment. They now employ more than 40 people to ensure control of the assembly process and the continuity.

image09-05-5_KEOS image-09-05-4_KEOS image-09-05-6_KEOS image-09-05-7_KEOS

In 2002 launched the equipment for laser welding (Dr. Fritsch Laser Welding Machine LSM 300) drills for diamond drilling and diamond cutting blades. This equipment allows to avoid unnecessary errors in the production of high-tech and professional tools.

Dr_Fritsch_LSM_300_KEOS Dr_Fritsch_tam216_KEOS

In 2005, the factory started its own production of casings for diamond tools. Line for the production of core drill bits for diamond drilling and to work on rotary hammers.

P1010111_KEOS P1010179_KEOS

In 2010, installed 12 robots on the automated line for welding metals (for manufacturing, on its own, spare parts and power systems for construction machinery and other production sites).

image09-05-1_KEOSwhite image-09-05_KEOSwhite

At the moment the plant has 272 employees and 24 trained technologist, of which 10 experts from the countries of western Europe, whose main aim is to continually improve the quality produced by the instrument and control all stages of its production.

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